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Let's Walk Together to claim our rights

If you have been affected by the MV Wakashio oil spill, we invite you to fill out our claim form.

No Win - No Fee

The claim is being brought on a conditional fee agreement. Claimants will not have to pay for the cost of starting the claim however upon settling the claim a disbursement fee and a win fee will be deducted.

Who can Submit a Claim

All residents and citizens of the Republic of Mauritius can make a legitimate claim provided they do not fall within the exclusion category

Special Categories

Non Mauritians nationals from countries other than the commonwealth who have been residents for a period of over 180 days the last preceding year but not yet registered voters but capable of legally entering into a contract and not mentally impaired can register a claim


You cannot claim if you:

  1. are a civil servant or officer of government who are afforded protection under Public Officers Protection Act 1957; Your family members can claim.
  2. are not legally capable to enter a contract under the Laws of Mauritius
  3. cannot vote in an election in Mauritius
  4. are mentally impaired
  5. are residents of Agalega who were not physically in Mauritius at the time of the incident
  6. are residents of Rodrigues who were not physically in Mauritius when the incident happened
  7. are residents of Chagos-Diego Garcia who were not physically in Mauritius at the time of the incident
  8. are a Member of the diplomatic corps or with similar status


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    Personal Details
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    Claim Details


Please note in order to complete the claim form you should be over 18 years old and agree to the following Consent Statement.

By proceeding to fill and submit the form, you hereby irrevocably appoint ‘No To Poverty’ [Reg No: 16378] as class action representative dealing with administrative and legal matters and acting on your behalf with the team of legal advisors against MV Wakashio Owners and/or its Agent(s) and/or its Insurer(s) and /or any parties deemed to be directly and/or indirectly and/or Jointly and/or solely responsible for the public nuisance caused by the accident resulting in long term damages to the flora, fauna, ecosystem thereby causing tremendous harm to your constitutional right of free enjoyment of public property, as guaranteed under the Mauritian constitution.

The claims should in no circumstances be considered as an acknowledgement of liability by No to Poverty towards any person submitting a claim and will not, in any way whatsoever, automatically entitle the claimant to any compensation, which shall be assessed and approved either by the ship-owners and / or by the ship insurers.

Thank You, The Claim has been successfully submitted:

A copy of your Claim Registration has been submitted to your Email address.

Mersi pou FER N2PA-Ensam avek nou, Pou nou Ti Zil MORIS

NO TO POVERTY thanks you for Walking Together (N2PA-Ensam) as one Nation

Note: You will automatically be registered on 'No To Poverty' database, so that we can update you on the progress of your claim.