nu zan 7

our sustainable activity

Nu zan7 is a new concept by our NGO

  • To offer O’tentik Meals at reasonable price to address the issue of rocketing food prices
  • The profit will Feed, Educate and provide care services to the needy, and
  • For you to Reap the Fruits for Helping underprivileged families at no extra cost


Alleviating Hunger
  • Nu zan7 – Otentik meals at reasonable prices to address the issue of rocketing food prices
  • Distributing Sandwiches, hot meals and fruits to children
  • Distributed food packs and hot meals during the COVID 19 lockdown in 2020
  • Hot meals to the needy
  • Suhur and Iftar during Ramadan


Educate the Children
  • Re-empowering and assisting Women and Unemployed with new skills to earn a living
  • Advice and help to unemployed to find work such as job application, CV writing and free trainings
  • Assistance with tools and materials purchase to start work
  • Help women at home to earn an income by selling their homemade products.
  • Built teamwork and confidence, including safety at work.


  • Health Care trainings (Elderly & Disabled) to address the issue of our ageing population and to create employment
  • Assisting school leavers to find placement as apprenticeship

Educational support

Educate the Children
  • Free after school tuition to children from low income and unemployed families.
  • Awareness Campaign about  illegal drugs use.
  • Free School meal to children.
  • After school meal to the needy.
  • Free Stationery pack to children from low income and unemployed families.
  • Other assistance to children in education

Environment Activity

Reducing our Carbon footprint

This activity will never stop growing and will benefit the whole world and future generation

  • Removing plastics bottles and cups from the environment
  • Raising awareness to children for maintaining a clean environment and recycling.
  • Distributing plants including herbs and vegetables

other activities

Socio-economic Development

To provide assistance to those incapable of financially supporting themselves.

Supporting people with disabilities & the Elderly

Regular visit and caring activities such as shower, hot meals, shopping and organizing recreational days for them.

Peace and nation-building

We are all children of the Creator, no matter our race, faith, color, status or gender.

Organizing multi-cultural and Social activities to promote ‘NTP Walk Together’ (N2PA- Ensam) concept amongst everybody from different walk of life, status, race and faith.

Yearly activities for different faith such as Maha Shivaratree; Chinese Spring Festival; National Day; Ramadan / Eid ul Fitr; Diwali; Christmas

Leisure and Sports

Promoting sports in communities

NTP Nationwide competition in several fields for all age groups

Healthy Living

Free Diabetic and BP test

Advice on nutrition for diabetes and promoting a balance diet habits

Free Yoga classes
Free doctor consultation

Road Safety and Security

Raising road safety awareness with children
Talking to motorbike riders about consequences of reckless driving and importance of abiding to the Highway Code.

Gift to reap

the Fruits for Helping the needy

No matter how big or small Your Gift helps us achieve our mission. Choose a cause you wish to support

  • Gift to Feed
  • Gift to Educate
  • Gift to Care for Elderly and Disabled
  • Gift to Beat Poverty

You can gift by my.t money, Blink, MCB Juice, Online card payment, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash.