Children of Paradise

Poverty deprived them of food but not of their innocence

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F.R.E.E. program ™


23,652 Hot Meals
14,973 Food Packs


New Skills Training and Assistance
to women and unemployed.
Break free from Poverty


Approx. 10,000 School Meals
17,365 back to school packs
Free after School classes


Reducing our carbon Footprint
28+ tons plastic bottles and cups recycled
Over 20,000 plants distributed

Children of Paradise in Poverty

Mauritius is always quoted as Paradise and the Jewel of the Indian Ocean.  The tiny island is an economically developed nation but Poverty is a living reality, directly affecting many families including children.

This reality is worsening due to the impacts of the Pandemic Covid -19 and the MV Wakashio Oil spill, Man-made Ecological and Economical Disaster. According to UNICEF the number of children living in multidimensional poverty globally has soared to approximately 1.2 billion due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government is doing it utmost best to alleviate the prevailing poverty situation but still many families, especially those with children, are struggling and living below the relative poverty line to make ends meet.

There are lots to be done and we need your support to make it achievable

Despite the government considerable efforts to protect the children, their human rights violations are too frequent.

Latest victim

Little Ayaan
02 years old.
inhumanely tortured to death

R.I.P – 13th Nov 2020

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NTP F.R.E.E. Program™

We have been operating without any discrimination since 2010 through our Food; Re-empowerment; Education and Environment activities to
1. Alleviate hunger for maximum children
2. Re-empower and assist unemployed adults with new skills to earn a living to break free from poverty
3. Provide educational support for children to achieve their potential; have an equitable chance in life and grow up in a safe environment
4. Reduce our carbon footprints and plastic pollution
5. Deliver our goal of curing the ‘disease’ called poverty in all its multi-faceted forms

Walk Together with us and leave your Footprint in the fight against Poverty

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Ramadan1442 AH (2021)

| The month for Giving, Feeding and Helping the needy

“Among the best deeds are to feed the poor and deserving”

[ Bukhari ]

Help us to alleviate their hunger

Ramadan Food Pack from $10.00

(Iftar, Dinner and Suhur for a family of 4)

Walking Together to break the human barrier of Race and Religion
In our local community many of our generous and compassionate sponsors are facing difficulties because of the worsening poverty situation due to the impacts of Covid -19 and MV Wakashio Oil spill disaster. They are struggling to survive and hence cannot support our activities this year to alleviate poverty.

Your support is needed

to help those in need such as the unfortunate, the impoverished, the widows & the orphans, including the ailing, the disabled or the injured by providing basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, healthcare and trainings for new job opportunities

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Filtered drinking water

Many families including children living in poverty are facing water problems such as
1. Not connected to the main water supply due to financial issues
2. Children drinking water stored in plastic barrels used to store pesticides or chemicals.
3. The stored water most of the time is unclean and contains debris.
4. Boiling the water is financially not affordable by many families.
5. Bottled water too is expensive and Plastic bottles pollution is worst than it has ever been

Support us to provide Free filtered water to children
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The Pathways to end Poverty


Food and Education
The Pathways to end Poverty


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Alleviate poverty in all its
aspects and forms.

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NTP F.R.E.E Program ™


Man-made Ecological and Economical Disaster in Paradise

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