Creating Positive Transformative Social Impacts


what we do
No To Poverty is the fruit of Philanthropic works since 2010 and is dedicated in its mission to Create Positive Transformative Social Impacts without discrimination through its Food, Re-empowerment, Education and Environment activities including Personal Care Services for Elderly and Disabled.

Would you turn your back on a hungry person this Ramadan?

Donate your Zakat, Sadaqah, Fidyah or Kaffarah to ‘No To Poverty’ Special Ramadan Programs

Purify your wealth

No To Poverty distributes your Zakat only to those who belong in one of the eight zakat-worthy categories as specified in the Quran to uplift the poor, help those who are troubled and comfort those who are in hardship (Al-Tawbah, 9:60), similar, to No To Poverty goals to alleviate poverty and bring hope that one day the Zakat recipients will be able to give rather than receive zakat. But it starts with you paying it.

The eight ZAKAT-WORTHY categories

1. The poor (al-fuqarâ’)
2. The needy (al-masâkîn)
3. Zakat administrators.
4. Those whose hearts are to be reconciled.
5. Those in bondage
6. The debt-ridden.
7. In the cause of God.
8. The wayfarer

new activity nu zan 7

An innovative concept to reap the fruits for helping at no extra cost

Sharing meals with
your loved ones
Creates Memories

How You Can CREATE

Positive Transformative Social Impacts

Reap the fruits for helping

No matter how Big or Small your gift is, it will make HUGE impacts!
Your gift will Feed, Educate and provide Care services to elderly and disabled

The heroes alleviating poverty

We are consistently on the lookout for dedicated volunteers who are keen to make a difference in the lives of the under privileged

our activities

We Feed, Educate and Empower the needy, Provide Care services to our elderly and disabled and  run environmental projects. New Activity – Nu zan7

Gift to Reap

The Fruits for helping the needy

Gift to Educate

Exercise books, Pens, Pencils, Books, Printing paper and other Educational learning materials


Gift to Health Care

Assistance to disabled and the elderly. With your donation we can help those with Care services,…


Gift to Feed

Help us provide hot meals to children from under privileged families and the needy.


Gift to Beat Poverty

Food, Re-empowerment, Education, Environment and other Poverty Alleviating activities


It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving

- Mother Theresa

Children of Paradise

“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius.” – Mark Twain

Poverty is a living reality for many of its Children.