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75% works already done

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No To Poverty House Contruction

Your support is needed to complete the construction and make it operational to beat poverty through our activities.



MCB Juice or Bank Transfer

Account name: No To Poverty
Account Number: 000 447 999 777

Bank: Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd, Sir William Newton St, Port Louis, Mauritius

Swift code: MCBL MUMU
IBAN No: MU04 MCBL 0901 000 447 999 777 000 MUR

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Construction Works & Activities

We will run the following activities at No To Poverty House

  • Hot meal distribution to alleviate hunger.
  • After-school educational support for children.
  • Guidance and training to re-empower women and job seekers.
  • Free medical consultations for people in need.
  • Caregiver training for NTP volunteers to assist people with disabilities, the ailing, and the elderly.
  • Plastic recycling collection point.
  • Distribution of plants to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Operation of a victualler, with the profits sustaining our poverty-alleviating activities.

The Site

Located at corner of Sir A R Mohamed Street (ex Rte de Pamplemousse) and Cite Laval street, Port-Louis. After 13 years of struggles to alleviate poverty through our philanthropic works, we are nearing the completion to construct NTP House.

A big thanks to Mr Reshad Khoyratty, owner of the site and NTP Care Centre will be named in memory of his late Uncle Mr Ibrahim Khoyratty

The construction of No To Poverty House involves the use of 70% recycled materials, many of which were condemned for dumping and polluting the environment. These materials include wooden poles that are over a century old, scrap metals, and so on. We not only talk about recycling, reducing pollution, or curbing the negative impacts of climate change, but we also take action to leave a footprint for others to follow.

Ongoing Construction works

We need YOUR SUPPORT to complete the construction and make it operational in order to combat poverty through our activities.

There will be a Green Space at the center for our elderly and children during their visits, referred to as LWAZIS Nu zan7, aimed at promoting the beautification of our little paradise island—Mauritius.

No To Poverty self sustaining project

With food prices skyrocketing beyond imagination, many people are approaching No To Poverty for assistance because they cannot put food on the table for their families until their next salary is due.

So, to address this immediate crisis, ‘No To Poverty’ will operate a self-sustaining project to sell hot meals at affordable prices to cushion the negative impacts of high food prices. This will help many families avoid falling into the poverty trap and begging for food.
The net profits generated will support our in-house poverty-alleviating activities referred to as the NTP FREE Program™ .

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