How We Started

over A decade of dedication

How we started - Food Activity

  • August 2010

During the month of Ramadan, our president (JD) was approached by a widow seeking help for herself and three children. He helped her without hesitation. The following day the widow returned asking for more assistance, JD decided to assess her situation and agreed to provide more help. Shocked by several other cases of under privileged families, he continued to provide assistance to those from his personal savings. Realising that his help needed to be extended after the holy month, the main pillar of our activity began.

August 2010
January 2011

The begining of our Educational Activities

  • January 2011

We were approached by a member of the community for financial assistance with school tuition fees for their child.  We took it upon ourselves to give the child free tuition three times a week, realising how many lacked help with their studies, we began enrolling more children into our educational group. To date many children have benefited from our after school private tuition.

Re-empowerment Activity

  • November 2015

After being contacted for help for a bed bound ex tiler involved in an accident, NTP were able to assist the person with his basic needs and provide some financial help. Unable to return to his old profession due to his injuries, we purchased some tools and re-empowered him with new skills.  This individual is now able to fend for himself and is also an active volunteer for NTP. Today we train and assist those who are unemployed with new skills to escape poverty.

November 2015
December 2016

A New Year Resolution - Environment Activity

  • December 2016

During a New Year’s Eve family beach outing, one of our member’s daughter picked up a plastic bottle and took it to the bin.  Being only two years old, they were surprised by her action and this triggered the environmental consciousness of all that were present that evening. A New Year’s resolution was materialized to perform a beach clean-up of plastic bottles at the end of every month. Since, this has become a popular activity with many volunteers and families helping.  To extend our help with contributing in reducing our carbon footprint, we now also distribute around 5000 plants per year and promote home-grown vegetables consumption.

NTP Volunteers

With time, friends and families Walked Together with us and participated in the Food, Re-Empowerment, Education and Environment activities by contributing financially as well as volunteering.