Disaster In Paradise

Man-made Ecological and Economical Disaster

MV Wakashio Oil Spill covered Mauritius white sandy beaches with black oil and polluted its pristine clear water. The whole world helplessly witnessed thousands of marine species perished and wept in silence but many already forgot the huge negative long term economic impacts which are worsening the poverty situation.

The Oil Spill incident happened off the south eastern coast of the island, close to the Marine Protected Area designated as the Second Wetland of International Importance under the ‘Ramsar Convention’.

The marine park is renowned for its remarkable coral garden, which harbours hundreds of varieties of corals and its abundant fauna and is home to more than 1,000-yearold brain coral (Lobophyllia sp.), the largest brain coral in the Indian Ocean.


History shall not forget

The TSUNAMI that sank many children of paradise deeper into Poverty

Engulfed all Mauritians with sadness, wherever they are in the world and

No words to describe their anger about the negligence of the crew

On the island, in utter despair unseen tears flooded the hearts of many while involuntary drops overflowed the sad eyes of others

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Let's Walk Together to claim our rights

MV Wakashio oil spill incident was an act and/or combination of acts that endanger/s the health, life, property, morals or comfort of the public or obstruct the right of the public in the exercise or enjoyment of rights common to all. We are preparing a class action with the help of Renowned International Legal Firms who have great expertise dealing with claims of this nature. We appeal to all of you who:

were flabbergasted when the grounding happened which then turned to anger and developed in anxiety and worries.

When the oil spill happened were devastated in all the sense of the word through witnessing the catastrophe unfolding.

If the above described your feelings immaterial where you lived and how you witnessed it, then do not hesitate to fill and submit the MV Wakashio Oil Spill Disaster Victims Claim Form.