NTP F.R.E.E Program™

NO TO POVERTY (NTP) is the fruit of philanthropic works since 2010. Our diverse team members consist of different races and cultural backgrounds, however we all believe in helping orphans, impoverished children, widows, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Through our Food, Re-empowerment, Education and Environment activities (NTP F.R.E.E Program™), we aim to help those in Mauritius regardless of race, gender or beliefs.

no to poverty mauritius our mission


Walking together for a better future

Our Statistics

How your contributions has helped so far...

Food Distributed

10,000+ School Meals
23,000+ Hot Meals
15,000+ Food Packs

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Educational Support

17,365 Stationeries packs
Uniforms and Shoes
Free after School classes

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

28+ tons plastic bottles and cups recycle
Over 20,000 plants distributed

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About our online presence

NTP has been operating for years in the shadow because we strongly believe what helps one hand gave, the other hand shall not know. Hélas the prevailing Poverty situation dictated NO TO POVERTY to come to light.