What is gift to reap

Gifting - never been so rewarding

Gift To Reap is a platform operated by the NGO – No To Poverty where you can Gift to Reap the Rewards for helping the under privileged to Create Positive Transformative Social Impacts. Your gift will

  • Feed the needy for alleviating hunger;
  • provide Educational support to children from under privileged families;
  • Train & Re-empower youth and unemployed including women;
  • provide Care services to Elderly and Disabled; and
  • Curb the negative impacts of climate change

Sharing meals with your loved ones

Creates Memories

What if while enjoying your meal you can Reap the Fruits for Feeding someone without any extra cost.
Will You do it?

An incomparable and immense satisfaction to know the meal you are enjoying, contributed for a good deed

To Reap the fruits for Helping the needy at no extra cost

Prepare your meals with Nu zan7 O’tentik sauces and the profit will Feed, Educate and provide Care services to the needy

To Reap the reward of a Good Deed while enjoying your meal

Buy a meal from Nu zan7 and the profit will contribute to alleviate poverty

Did you know!

At no extra cost you can double the Impacts of Your Good Deeds

You decided to Feed the needy!
buy the meal from Nu zan7 and the profit will contribute for another Good Deed to alleviate poverty

Nu zan7 is a new concept by No To Poverty to address the issues of rocketing food prices and to assist underprivileged families. The goals of Nu zan7 are

  • to offer O’tentik Meals at reasonable prices;
  • the profit will contribute to alleviate poverty; and
  • for you to Reap the Fruits for Helping at no extra cost. 

How does Gift to Feed ensures the meals reach the needy?

All meals gifted are collected from No To Poverty House
By your chosen beneficiary or yourself
or we will Gift to Feed a genuine beneficiaries in need on your behalf
or collected by you preferred NGO to feed the needy

Is Gift To Reap a Charity Organisation?

Yes! Gift to Reap is a Platform operated by the accredited NGO – No To Poverty

Who can benefit from Gift to Reap?

Anyone facing food insecurity and living in poverty can benefit from Gift to Reap by Fill a beneficiary form or contact us to assess their needs.
Only for Gift to Feed
if you chose to gift a meal to a specific person or through your preferred NGO we will act upon your instruction

Does Gift To Reap operate in my area?

Gift to Reap is expanding to channel your Gifts to underprivileged families and also to provide you with meals at reasonable price.
If you are interested to work with us to Create Positive Transformative Social Impacts, visit www.notopoverty.org/angel/

Why use Gift To Reap when I can Gift to anyone on the street?

You are right!
But are you sure if your good deeds are going to someone in need?
By using Gift to Reap platform, you can rest assure that your good deeds will Create Positive Transformative Social Impacts and not used for immoral purposes.

Some reported incidences by the public to our NGO

Zot Tap Ou la porte / Approche Ou lor chemin e dir Ou ki zot pena manze

  • kan aste manze, zot zet manze la kuma Ou vir ledo
  • offer pu zot swazir ki zot envi manze! Mai zot refuser e dir ki don cash
  • Bizin cash pu aste du lait ti baba mai kan ou aste du lait, zot van li
  • Dir zot vin travay e zot dir Rs 800/= tro tigit par zour!
  • Pena cash pu Manze mai ena cash pu kas Yen!!!

Ensam anou fer 1 diferans!

Anou don 1 manze pu aide ban defavorize
Aste manze la kot nu zan7 pu double linpak ou actions

How can I Gift to Reap the Rewards for helping the underprivileged?

To reap the rewards for helping the needy, choose Your Gift to Help

|Gift to FEED
|Gift to Re-empower women
|Gift to Educate children & youth
|Gift to Care for Elderly and Disabled
|Gift to Environmental Activity