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nu zan 7

our sustainable activity

Nu zan7 is an innovative Concept by the NGO – No To Poverty to address the issues of rocketing food prices And to assist underprivileged families. The goals of Nu zan7 are

  1. to offer O’tentik Meals at reasonable prices
  2. for you to reap the fruits for helping at no extra cost
  3. and the profit will contribute:
  • to Feed the needy for alleviating hunger;
  • for Educational support to children from under privileged families;
  • to Train & Re-empower youth and unemployed including women;
  • to provide Care services to Elderly and Disabled; and
  • to curb the negative impacts of climate change

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To Reap the fruits for Helping the needy at no extra cost

Prepare your meals with Nu zan7 O’tentik sauces and the profit will Feed, Educate and provide Care services to the needy

To Reap the reward of a Good Deed while enjoying your meal

Buy a meal from Nu zan7 and the profit will contribute to alleviate poverty

you can make a difference

gift to feed

You decided to Feed the needy!

Gift the meal through Nu zan7 and double the impacts of your Gift because the profit will contribute for other poverty alleviaiting activities

We are recruiting

immediate employment

Sales / Delivery driver / Cashier / Cook / Kitchen helper /
Men or Women with experience in Belo Roti

An incomparable and immense satisfaction to know
the meal you are enjoying, contributed for a good deed

Nu zan7 is Located at No To Poverty House. Corner Cite Laval street & Rte de Pamplemousse, Port Louis