Who are NTP Angels?

NTP Angels are paid staffs and volunteers working together to Create Positive Transformative Social Impacts through our NGO, with the mission to beat poverty. NTP Angels

  • Distribute Your Gift to Feed meals to underprivileged families;
  • Help our NGO in its social works / activities; and
  • Assist our NGO with its Sustainable project – Nu zan7.

How can I become an Angel?

Giving Your Valuable Time Helping Others

It’s easy to be a family member of NTP Angels and Reap the fruits for helping the needy.  Just submit your  Angel registration.

We need You for our Sustainable project – Nu zan 7
Full time and Part time
Sales ; Delivery Driver; Cook; Experience in Belo roti; Kitchen Helper
Book an interview on 57034666  or apply below

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Your Volunteer Registration has been successfully submitted.

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I do not want to volunteer

What will I earn?
  • A flat rate for helping with our activities
    |Distributing hot meals to the needy  |Educational assistance to children  |Care services to Elderly and Disabled  |Environmental Activities
  • A commission for working with our sustainable project – Nu zan7
  • Bonus: As well as getting paid, you will also Reap the fruits for helping others

Just Select Paid Staff when filling your Angel registration form

How can I help the NGO in its mission?

You can help by volunteering for

  • Gift To feed: distributing hot meals to the needy
  • Educational assistance to children
  • Care services to Elderly and Disabled
  • Environmental Activities and
  • Assist our NGO with it sustainable project – Nu zan7

I am working or full time student

How can I Reap the fruits for helping?

Even if you don’t even have time to volunteer, it’s so easy to Help others at no extra cost, just

  • Buy a Gift to Feed Meal to Double the impact of Your Good Deed
  • Buy Nu zan7 O’tentik sauces to prepare your meals
  • Take orders for Nu zan7 O’tenik Meals from your colleague and Families
  • Buy a meal from Nu zan7
  • Spread the words How to Reap the fruits for helping others at no extra cost

What is Double the Impact of My Good Deed?

You decided to Feed the needy!
buy a Gift to Feed meal from Nu zan7 and Your Good Deed will contribute for another Good Deed at no extra cost because the profit will alleviate poverty through our NGO activities

volunteering opportunities

  • Cooks / Assistant cooks
  • Help to prepare and pack hot meals for children and the needy
  • Help to distribute food around the island
  • Prepare and Deliver School lunch pack
  • Employ one of our beneficiaries as apprentice and help him to escape Poverty
  • Train School Leavers registered with NTP in your filed of work to help them gain work experience
  • Encourage and Promote NTP home made products to contribute in women Empowerment
  • Register with us to receive list of type of work our beneficiaries can do to earn their bread
  • Teaching children; Aiding literacy; Encouraging kids to read;
  • Helping to distribute books to children, making reading fun
  • After school helping Children to catch up on their studies
  • Participate in our environment cleaning activities
  • Help to remove plastic bottles and cups dumped in our environment
  • Help in our Tree planting activity to make our island greener
  • Offer to water trees we planted in your area

Caregiver volunteer - opportunity to work full time

A caregiver is someone who cares for the health and well-being of a person who needs help with daily tasks and activities. Your aging loved one may need a caregiver due to an injury, an illness, limited mobility, memory issues, or chronic conditions that make everyday chores more challenging.

Your duty as a caregiver
Assisting with personal care:
bathing and grooming, dressing, toileting and exercise.

Basic food preparation:
preparing meals, shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and other errands.

General health care:
Overseeing medication as prescribed by doctors, appointment reminders, administering medicine, monitoring medicines to help lower the risk of medication mix-ups and creating reminder systems and accompany to doctor’s appointment

Provide companionship:
Feelings of loneliness in older adults / Disabled persons or the ailing can lead to serious health consequences, including depression.

  • Help during NTP Fundraising events.
  • Accompany us on recreational days for children and elderly.
  • Keep company to lonely elderly (an hour).
  • Offer to Care for people with disabilities and elderly:
    Shopping, shower, Cooking, House hold works, laundry.


To Create Positive Transformative Social Impacts

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Your Volunteer Registration has been successfully submitted.

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We will contact you as soon as possible.

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