• To Re-empower and assist Women and Unemployed with new skills to earn a living
  • To build teamwork and confidence, including safety at work
  • To create a new breed of social entrepreneurs through harnessing data and technology
  • To implement apprenticeship program for Work experience to unemployed, school leavers and job seekers
  • Mock Interviews, Curriculum Vitae writing advice and Jobs search
  • To operate and run a Non-Profit Cooperative for job creation

Your support is needed

NTP F.R.E.E. Program™

We have been operating without any discrimination since 2010 through our Food; Re-empowerment; Education and Environment activities to
1. Alleviate hunger for maximum children
2. Re-empower and assist unemployed adults with new skills to earn a living to break free from poverty
3. Provide educational support for children to achieve their potential; have an equitable chance in life and grow up in a safe environment
4. Reduce our carbon footprints and plastic pollution
5. Deliver our goal of curing the ‘disease’ called poverty in all its multi-faceted forms

Walk Together with us and leave your Footprint in the fight against Poverty

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