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Back in 2010, some months after our President Mr Jamil Dookhee returned back to his Home island of Mauritius after 13 years in the UK, on Friday the 13th of August around 14:00hrs, a woman with 03 children approached him for help, claiming she has no income and is a widow. It was in the holy month of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month and our President did not hesitate to help the widow and her children. The next day the widow returned for help and Mr Dookhee visited her place to assess her situation. During that holy month he helped the widow and several underprivileged families with food as well as donating food at several mosques from his personal savings and till now he is continuing with this good deed.

End of January 2011, a neighbour approached Mr Dookhee for financial help on tuition fees for his son. Mr Dookhee proposed to give after school tuition to the kid three times per week for free to the child instead of finance. In the span of some months more children joined the education group and benefited from the free private tuition. Our President continued with the Food and Education activity on his own and included children from other communities without discriminating any religion or race. In 2014 Mr Dookhee got married and his wife joined him in the education activity to help children with free tuition whose parents cannot afford tuition fees.

Nov 2015, Mr Dookhee visited Mr Kishen in Rose Belle and they were approached by a man asking for financial help for his friend who had an accident and is bed-bound for several months. Both of them visited the ailing person to confirm that he really is bedridden.
Mr Dookhee and Mr Kishen helped with food and after a month they tried to find an alternative earning income for the man as the latter will not be able to go back to his profession (floor tile mason) due to the handicap resulted from the accident.
They put their money together to buy some tools for the guy and Re-empowered him with new skill. Now the guy is not dependent on anyone, we can say he is standing strong on one foot and is an active volunteer in our activities.

The daughter’s caring action for the planet and the father’s duty to continue it
On 31st Dec 2016, on a family and friend gathering for a barbecue on the beach to welcome the new year, the president's daughter, who was only 02 year old, picked up a plastic bottle on the beach and took it to the bin. The grandfather noticed it and made a negative comment about adults not caring for the nature, which triggered the environmental consciousness of all present. So, all friends and families joined little Shanaiss-Jade in her first caring action to Protect our Planet. The next day, 01st Jan 2017, as their New Year Resolution all of them decided to do this activity every month.

Reducing our Carbon footprint
In April 2016 Mr. Kishen Bhageeratty, our Vice President, came with the idea to distribute free plants to people and now every year we distribute around 5000 plants including herbs and vegetables as our little contribution in reducing our carbon footprint and consuming home-grown vegetables.

With time, friends and families participated in the Food, Re-Empowerment, Education and Environment activities by contributing financially as well as volunteering.

During the lockdown in 2020, we concentrated more on the elderly who cannot queue up at the shop and are more vulnerable to catch the Covid-19. We donated food but our mobility was restricted. Because the prevailing poverty situation is worsening due to the impacts of MV Wakashio OI Spill and the Pandemic Covid-19, Mr. Dookhee and Mr Bhageratty decided that it was time to restructure their years of philanthropic activities into an officially registered NGO (No to Poverty) to operate within a regulated framework and a worldwide recognized identity so that we can extend our helping hand as a Humanitarian Act, to help to those in need such as the unfortunate, the impoverished, the widowed, the orphaned, those who cannot support themselves and those who lack outside means of support including the ailing, the disable dor the injured by providing basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, healthcare, and shelters with the aim to cure the 'disease' called poverty in all its multi-faceted forms through the Food; Re-empowerment; Education and Environment Activities [ NTP F.R.E.E. Program ™]


23,652 Hot Meals and
14,973 Food Pack


Training with New Skills and Providing assistance for people to break free from Poverty​


Approx. 10,000 School Meals distributed per year and 17,365 back to school packs


28+ tonnes of Plastics bottles and cups removed from the environment and more than 20,000 plants distributed

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By volunteering, I am helping myself through the children.

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